Zero Delay Communication

We offer personalized facility services for each client. Our dedicated service can be established to help you ship or receive product between various circumstances. We can even design our processing service to reflect your company packing method and branding.

Opportunities with Star NuT  Co.

Custom Packing

These services are available for any business that requires any of our professional services. Please contact our office today for more information.

Dedicated Handler

As featured on  WEST  COAST  NUT's  Processor Profile

Nov. 2015 Issue (Page: 26)

Grower Contracts

Providing 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year relationship commitments individually created uniquely for each grower.

Agrology Network

Management Positions

Experienced staff are always needed. If you have experience in the field, please give us a call today and set up an interview!

Off-Site Representatives

Buyer Representatives are available throughout California and we are always seeking more! Contact our office for more information.

Star Nut Co. began as an inspirational idea from it's President, as a Cutting Edge Processor for California Growers without relying on a broker. With a growing base of business, Star Nut established its services in 2012 to provide independent Almond and Walnut services to a broader range of clients in the market.


Since establishment, we at Star Nut have provided, season after season, quality product, and the best Grower/Processor relationships to date throughout California. Clearly establishing ourselves as a lead innovator in the Almond and Walnut trade.

Star NuT  Company History

Our facility knows this trade is not a one sided exchange. Our Agro-Network ensures that any of our clients are never left feeling stranded at any point during our relationship. Clients can take part in many of our services together, Pool Contract with our other growers, or even participate any time in the market with our Spot Purchase system.

Every personnel at our office here are fully equipped, ensuring that, regardless of circumstances, communication will always be present. Through receiving, facility emergencies, and client communication, we will always assure a means to contact us.

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