Bringing You California's Best!

High Rise Innovation

Minimum False Reject

Equipped with State-of-the-art machinery that minimizes any possible false reject and greatly increasing all of our processing lines efficiency.

Star Nut Co. Facility

In House Scale

Everything gets weighed! Our facility is equipment with certified scales giving us the most accurate weight readings possible.

Fumigation Chambers

Gives us the ability to fumigate product at our location, 8 loads at a time, at any time.

Walnut Processing Line

Almond Processing  Line

"All processed at one line."

Is what we tell everyone.

Our Walnut processing line processes 20 thousand pounds per hour. At this line, we do everything. From Pre-Cleaning, to Sizing, to Hand-sorting, and Auto Packing. Giving us the ability to say we get it done Clean, Quick, and Right!

Star Nut Co. is a well established Almond and Walnut Processor with a promising future ahead of itself. Here we do it all from start to finish.

 With our state-of-the-art facility, Star Nut Co. assures clients with our ability to control the quality of every almond and walnut that enters and leaves our facility.

Located on a six-acre site that provides 83,000 sq. ft. of space for dry processing of in-shell walnuts and shelled almonds, Star Nut’s facility is strictly divided so there is no cross contamination risk between the nuts at any point. The site also maintains 40,000 sq. ft. of covered storage space to store the product between processing and shipping.

Our Almond processing line processes 8 to 12 thousand pounds of product per hour. Equipped with Laser Sorting Technology, High End, Optical Sensors, and an output of 10 different sizes at once, brings our line on par with the best Almond Processors throughout the entire state of California!